Intellectual Property And Publicity Rights

At Kujowares, we cherish our strong connection with fans and communities worldwide. Our commitment lies in providing a diverse range of custom products designed by talented individuals across the globe. While we meticulously review design submissions before featuring them on our platform, we acknowledge the possibility that some freelance designers may misrepresent their work. If you believe that any showcased artwork on our website belongs to you and you can provide proof of ownership, we are fully committed to promptly addressing the situation. Upon verification within 24 hours, we will expeditiously remove the disputed content and give due credit for your creative work.

COPYRIGHT law safeguards the expression of original ideas captured in tangible forms, such as photographs, paintings, poems, or stories.

TRADEMARK law protects the use of words, symbols, designs, or logos that identify and distinguish the source of goods.

PUBLICITY RIGHTS safeguard an individual’s name, image, and likeness, preventing the unauthorized commercial use of someone else’s identity without consent.

If you suspect that your content has been used in a way that violates your rights, please contact us at When submitting a Notice and Takedown Report, ensure it includes the following essential information:

  • A link to the item infringing on your rights
  • Proof of your artwork (such as your webpage or other relevant factors)
  • Your Name & Contact Info
  • Title the email: TAKEDOWN REPORT